The Journey Continues…. Las Vegas to San Diego to Yuma

PictureSunset near Phoenix, Arizona ©CommunityThroughColors

​Hello! So much has happened in the last two weeks. On Tuesday, January 10th we all met in Phoenix, Arizona. Community Through Colors friends and patrons, Dexter Herr and Vanessa Duncan hosted us for an evening providing well needed sustenance (Brussels Sprouts and Bacon – that’s a thing)! 

PictureBoris and crew in Las Vegas, Nevada ©CommunityThroughColors

From there we moved on to Las Vegas to the home of Boris where we got to hang out and clean up.  We were going by, Duncan, and Katie and Mike.  fsBoris is also a bus conversion enthusiast, so his home provided a great place to work on our bus. We spent several days there stealing Boris’ electricity and messing up his house.

PictureOscar’s Parents and crew in San Diego, California ©CommunityThroughColors

From there we moved to San Diego where we met up with Oscar’s amazing parents who had come all the way from Puerto Rico. As some of us came from the midwest we were enjoying the beautiful San Diego weather. But when you come from Puerto Rico San Diego is downright cold. Much thanks to Oscar’s mom and especially his dad who spent days of their San Diego vacation helping us work on the bus.  

PictureThe Miller’s and crew in San Diego, California ©CommunityThroughColors

Also in San Diego we got to hang out with Jess and Josh and their extrordinary dog, Roxy. They were holding “a couple” of Amazon packages for us until our arrival.  Turns out, San Diego is very dog friendly.  There are several establishments that let you bring in your canine companion.  They also hold “dog nights” so dog companions can intermingle with one another.

After another day of traveling we wound up back in Arizona at the home Peter. Peter and his wife and family were amazing hosts as well who graciously opened their home and refrigerator to us.

In each of the places we stopped people entusiastically agreed to create pieces of artwork that they felt were representative of their communities to aid the Community Through Colors Project. Thank you!

With the help and generosity of all these amazing people we were able to finally meet our goal and cross the border into Mexico by Thursday, January 19th. ¡Viva la Mexico!


Will and Nicole in front of the Immigration office in Los Algodones, Mexico ©CommunityThroughColors

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  1. Donna Wojcik says:

    Looks like the adventure has started!
    If you need anything lets us know. Be safe and have a fuckin great time.
    Donna 1 312 961-2419

  2. Kate says:

    Enjoy your adventure as you help all of us expand our communities!

  3. Julie says:

    Congrats and enjoy the travel and meeting the new communities. So excited for you👍🏻👍🏻

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