Great Sand Dunes National Park


On Tuesday we found ourselves at Great Sand Dunes National Park in southeast Colorado. The park has multiple ecosystems and the tallest sand dunes on the continent. During warmer  months, people who live in the nearby community and visitors alike enjoy sand sledding down the dunes, which are enormous, and splashing in nearby Medano Creek. When it’s not insanely cold like it was when we were there, there’s a lot more to do like hiking, backpacking, camping along the Medano Pass Primitive Road, and fishing and hunting in the Preserve.

After a visit to the Visitors’ Center (yay free hot coffee!), the mandatory viewing of the free film (also known as the The Oscar Rule), and a walk on a very cold, very windy trail, we decided to get out of there and make the drive to New Mexico. 

The sand dunes, the largest in North America, seem strangely out of place surrounded on three sides by mountains.   But they are certainly a sight to see, and in warmer weather would have been an excellent climb.

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